Section 80 TTA

Section 80 TTA gives a deduction of Rs 10,000 on interest payments. This deduction is accessible to an Individual and HUF.  This deduction is permitted on interest earned –  With...

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Company Leased Car

Company Leased Car means leasing company will buy a car for the employee and give it to an employee for official and personal use. The car will be in the...

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Medical Allowance 

Medical allowance is a set amount given as an allowance to employees for whether he/she avails the medical treatment and shows bills to show the expenditure. Now, a medical reimbursement...

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Transport Allowance

Transport Allowance overall could mean stipend provided for transport whenever an employee travels from his/her home to the office. What is Travel Allowance? In any case, Transport Allowance fall under...

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Leave Encashment

Leave encashment refers to an amount of money received in exchange for a period of leave not availed by an employee. The benefit of accumulated leave can be availed by...

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Income From Gratuity

Income from Gratuity is a lump sum that a company pays when an employee leaves an organization and is one of the many retirement benefits offered by a company to...

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